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Solar + Storage + Charging System for Zhongxin Business Park

Date :2019-03-07 Hits:74
Location: Shanghai, China
Capacity: 10 kWp
Time: April, 2015

The project is one of the demonstration on/off grid projects of solar power generation, energy storage and charging piles in Shanghai with the capacity of 10kWp, which is installed on the top of the park's leisure corridor.

When the system is connected to the grid, if the illumination satisfies the power generation conditions, the energy storage battery is charged first, and the excess electricity, through the inverters, is transferred to the grid and charging piles; if the illumination is not enough, the UPS will charge the storage battery and transfer to the charging piles at the same time. When the system is off grid, the solar and energy storage battery will charge the EVs together; if not, the vehicle will be charged by the energy storage battery alone.

The project is full-automatically operated all-weather without personnel on duty. The monitoring data is sent and received by the whole control unit to realize remote monitoring.

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