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Solar + storage + charging project for Meiyang Automobile Company

Date :2019-03-07 Hits:73
Location: Hubei, China
Capacity: 10MWp(solar), 500kWh(energy storage), 270kW(charging)
Time: November, 2017

The project invested by SSE covers various fields such as distributed solar power generation, energy storage and EV charging, which is of great significance to promote the local energy structure adjustment and green development.

The total installed capacity of the project is 10 MWp, of which the roof solar capacity is 9.5 MWp, the shed solar capacity is 0.5 MWp, and the storage power plant capacity is 500 kWh. The solar power plant is connected to the Meiyang Automobile Plant for their own production, and the surplus electricity is uploaded to the State Grid. The roof of the shed is equipped with advanced double glass components, integrated energy storage system, and charging piles for EVs. The energy storage system plays an effective role in increasing capacity in the project, and release electricity during peak period and earn peak-valley (level) price difference. Through EMS smart micro-grid and power management system, each part coordinates each other to form a smart, green and efficient intelligent interactive system, which has the advantages of cutting peak and filling valley, smoothing output, reducing maximum power consumption, saving electricity fees and improving the utilization rate of solar power generation.

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