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Smart Solar + Energy Storage + Charging Integrated System
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The smart solar + storage + charging system developed by SSE consists of solar power generation, energy storage, EV charging, energy management and other units to achieve "three in one" of power generation, charging / discharging and energy storage. Solar power generation can supply power for loads and EV charging, the excess power can be connected into the public power grid to achieve dual benefits of charging operation and electricity sales. The energy storage system can store excess energy of solar power generation for peak hours. It is more economical and can also be used for emergency backup when the grid is unstable or during power outages.


- Resource integration (solar + energy storage + charging), diverse operating modes, efficient use, and increasing the economic value added of the system 

- Peak load shifting, cutting electricity costs and basic power costs, smoothing PV power, eliminating abrupt changes and improving grid quality with solar power generation and energy storage

Introducing intelligent power management, to store peak power, increase PV power generation utilization, improve charging efficiency and lower the electricity costs

Solving the problem caused by limited capacity of the distribution network and improve the network utilization, to ensure the uninterrupted charging of the chargers

Used as backup emergency power source during power grid blackout, to satisfy the power demand in remote or power shortage areas

Supporting Ethernet, 4G, RS485 and other communication interfaces; "SSE Cloud" charging management platform (support OCPP2.0) available if required, allowing intelligent operation and maintenance, centralized management and remote monitoring via mobile app

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