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SSE accelerating the deployment of charging facilities in Norway

Date :2020-12-08 Hits:51
The four SSE charging containers were successfully commissioned in Norway a few days ago. They’re scheduled to begin operation this month in Bergen, the country’s second largest city, to power 102 Yutong all-electric buses. The launch of this large-scale new energy bus depot achieves a significant milestone in the "electrification" of public transport in Norway.

Early in 2020, SSE and Keolis Norway reached an agreement and work together to promote the e-mobility progress in Europe and the layout of charging facilities. The bus depot introduced 102 12m and 15m Yutong e-buses and 4 sets of 1080kW charging containers. Keolis claims the buses are expected to carry 17 million passengers a year, and the shift from diesel to electric vehicles will annually reduce 3800tons CO2.

The project adopts four 1080kW charging containers, each of which is connected to twelve 90kW double-gun chargers, which can charge 24 buses at the same time. The excellent protective performance of the containers can perfectly handle the rainy environment of Bergen all year round. Also, SSE upgrade the charging modes this time. Two guns from different chargers can charge one bus simultaneously, with total power up to 180kW. This is the first application of this technology in the European market. The charging system can fully meet the daily charging needs of over 100 e-buses. 

Since the users adopt the German backstage system, SSE managed docking with the local servers based on the global open charging protocol OCPP. This enables smart charging, remote maintenance, online upgrades and other functions, which can offer users more intelligent and efficient charging service.
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