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SSE wins another large order in the Nordic market

Date :2020-12-18 Hits:48
SSE won another big order in the Nordic region a few days ago. Nobina, the largest public transportation operator in Northern Europe reached a cooperation with BYD and SSE for the electrification of Finland. Six sets of 1200kW European standard  charging containers will be delivered to Finland. 
Last year, SSE charging containers landed in Finland to power its first electric bus depot. And now, they’re going to charge the largest ebus fleet over this country.

In order to accelerate the e-mobility process in Finland, Nobina Group has introduced 106 BYD 12m, 15m, and 18m all-electric buses, which are expected to hit the streets in Helsinki and Turku next summer. Experienced in Nordic charging market, SSE is offering charging facilities for this project.
It will be the first appearance of SSE’s 1200kW charging containers in the European market. Each container is connected to 6 dual-gun chargers, which can charge 12 buses at the same time. Also, one bus can be charged simultaneously with two guns from different chargers , of which total power up to 200kW. This can greatly improve the charging efficiency and shorten the charging time by half, to perfectly meet the daily operation needs of over 100 electric buses.
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