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Dongfeng Automobile Active Filter Compensation Project

Date :2018-09-21 Hits:123

China’s largest auto company——Dongfeng Automobile Active Filter Compensation Project
Existing problems:
A large number of nonlinear load produced a lot of harmonics during working process, resulting in reactive power fluctuations and serious three-phase unbalance, and the main harmonic currents were 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th, and the total current distortion rate was up to 42%.
Low system power factor, resulted in voltage drop increasing in the system.
Running vibration of motor and other equipment increased, and the production error was increased, and the processing precision of the product was reduced.

ZAPF-M modular active filter compensation device of SSE were used in July 2014.

Control effect:
Taking the 2# transformer in the stamping workshop as an example, the current distortion rate was reduced from 22% to 4.4% after ZAPF active filtering device was put into operation and the power factor was increased to more than 0.93, which obviously improved the harmonic problem.

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