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Multi-standard DC Fast Charger
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Multi-standard fast charger is designed based on international standards to meet different charging interface types on the market. The charger is configured with two connectors, available in CCS2 & CHAdeMO, CCS1 & CHAdeMO, GB & CCS2, GB & CCS1 and GB & CHAdeMO combo, suitable for diversified EV models.

Strong compatibility
Free combination of CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO or GB charging connectors, suitable for various EV models

High efficiency
Efficiency up to 95%; can achieve constant power and current maximum output

Intelligent power distribution
Automatic power distribution for two connectors to maximize the efficiency of the charger

Easy operation
Multi-language human-machine interface, light strip showing charging status for superior charging experience

High reliability
- Multiple protections such as auto power off on abnormal charging, overcharge protection, failure isolation, etc.

- Effective heat dissipation, waterproof, dust-proof, stable operation in a wide range of temperatures; resistant to rain, snow and other harsh environment

Smart management
Supporting charging cloud platform and OCPP, enabling intelligent monitoring, remote maintenance, and online upgrade via the back office

Technical DataCertificates

Input voltage (V)

AC400 ± 10% (3P + N + PE)

Frequency (Hz)


Power factor


Output voltage (V)

CCS1/CCS2/GB: DC200-1000; CHAdeMO: DC200-500

Rated output power (kW)


Output current (A)

CCS1/CCS2: 200; GB: 250; CHAdeMO: 125



Connector type

2015GB; CCS1; CCS2; CHAdeMO

No. of charging guns


Cable length (m)


Charging mode

Intelligent output

User interface

7-inch touch screen

Electric meter

MID (Measuring Instruments Directive) 2004/22/EG

Dimensions (W×D×H: mm)


IP level


Network connection



IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-23, IEC 61851-24


Input over-voltage and short-circuit protection; output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection; grounding, battery reverse connection and emergency stop protection, etc.

Operating temperature ()

-20 to 50 (normal output); 50 to 75 (derating output)

Storage temperature ()

-40 to 75


5%-95% no frost

Altitude (m)

≤ 2000

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