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Electric Vehicle DC Fast Charger
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With a wide variety, complete functions and excellent performance, ZEVQC series electric vehicle(EV) DC fast chargers are suitable for large-scale electric bus depots, highway service areas, EV charging centers, etc. Covering a wide range of output voltage and power, the charging stations can be connected to EVs of different brands and models. The chargers have been widely used in many countries around the world.

Strong compatibility
Wide output voltage range, available in CCS2, GB/T, CHAdeMO, CCS1 version, suitable for various EV models

Intelligent power allocation
Dynamic power allocation for two connectors to maximize the efficiency of the charger

Optional charging modes
One connector charging on 100% output, two connectors charging two vehicles simultaneously or alternately

Higher efficiency
Ultra-high DC charging efficiency, designed to deliver full output power continuously

Smart management
Support OCPP, enable intelligent monitoring with back office system and mobile app

Friendly interface
High-definition touch screen display, multi-language intelligent human-machine interface, easy to operate

Easy maintenance
Modular design, easy to expand and maintain, support remote maintenance and online update

Higher reliability
Effective heat dissipation, waterproof, dustproof, stable operation in a wide range of temperatures; resistant to rain, snow and other harsh environments

Technical DataCertificates

Input voltage (V)

AC400 ± 10% (3P + N + PE)

Frequency (Hz)


Power factor


Output voltage (V)


Output power (kW)


Max. output current (A)

200 (single gun)



Connector type


No. of charging guns


Cable length (m)


Charging mode

Intelligent output (two guns charging one vehicle supported)

User interface

7” touch screen

Dimensions (WxDxH: mm)

750 x 700 x 1900 (75-150kW); 840 x 970 x 2000 (160-360kW)

IP level



PLC, IEC 61851

Network connection

Ethernet / 4G


IEC/EN 61851, IEC/EN 62196


Input over-voltage and short-circuit protection; output over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection; grounding, battery reverse connection and emergency stop protection, etc.

Operating temperature ()

-20 to 50 (normal output); 50 to 75 (derating output)

Storage temperature ()

-40 to 75


5%-95% no frost

Altitude (m)

≤ 2000

Notes: for other versions or models, please feel free to contact us.
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