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SSE electrifying Bermuda’s public bus fleet

Date :2022-05-07 Hits:16
The Minister of Transport, Bermuda’s Department of Public Transportation launched the first of 30 electric buses into service on the island at the  ceremony held on April 13. SSE delivered 15 units of CCS2 DC chargers for this electric bus fleet.

The introduction of 30 Golden Dragon electric buses signifies an important milestone in Bermuda’s efforts to deliver a cleaner, more resilient future for its residents and visitors. The chargers debut in Bermuda are independently developed by SSE. Each dual-gun equipment can charge two buses at the same time. It is efficient, convenient, safe and reliable, and fully meets the daily operation needs of local bus lines. The weather in Bermuda is hot and humid. SSE’s chargers feature high protection level, which can withstand rain, snow, high cold, salt spray and high temperature. 

Bermuda plans to fully electrify its public transport bus fleet by 2030, making it more energy independent and sustainable, while building the island’s resilience against impacts of climate change. SSE will keep offering solid charging solutions for Bermuda’s zero emission plan.

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