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New chargers launched in Nestvez, Denmark

Date :2022-04-19 Hits:6
17 electric buses were launched in Nestvez, Denmark on April 10th. Mr. Carsten Rasmussen, the mayor of Nestvez, attended the conference. The charging equipment for this fleet is from SSE.

The 180kW dual-gun chargers SSE delivered this time can charge two vehicles simultaneously. Charging one vehicle with two guns is also enabled, which means you can achieve a high-power DC fast charge of up to 180kW. The charging time is greatly shortened, and the daily charging and operation requirements of ebuses at bus depots can be met more efficiently.

SSE entered the Danish market in 2018. Over the past few years, SSE has been accelerating the local charging deployment. Charging containers and high-power chargers have bloomed in Copenhagen, Roskilde, Esbjerg, Nestvez, Herning and other cities. The excellent performance and reliability were recognized by more and more users. Follow-up orders are coming soon. SSE will keep helping Denmark and even Europe go electric.

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