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SSE’s DC chargers landed in Bulgaria

Date :2022-03-16 Hits:8
SSE’s DC chargers landed in Bulgaria with Golden Dragon electric buses a few days ago for the electrification of local urban buses.

The Bulgarian government has been accelerating the development of new energy vehicles. The introduction of Golden Dragon 12-meter electric buses is of great significance to promoting local "low-carbon travel". SSE has always been a long-term trusted partner of Golden Dragon. This time, they keep working together to electrify Bulgaria’s public transportation.

The first batch of SSE products landed in Bulgaria are 21 units of 75kW to 150kW single-gun and double-gun DC fast chargers. They can provide a variety of charging options on-site, which are efficient, convenient, safe and reliable, and fully meet the daily operation and charging needs of electric buses. Next, SSE will keep spreading in Bulgaria and even Eastern Europe by working with Golden Dragon.

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