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SSE chargers entered Austrian market with a new payment system

Date :2022-01-27 Hits:28
A few days ago, SSE’s CCS2 DC chargers landed in Austria.In this project, SSE worked with its local customers and developed a new payment system suitable for European countries, which provided a powerful tool for accelerating the layout of the European charging market.

There are various payment methods for charging facilities in the European market, which brings a lot of inconvenience to electric vehicle drivers. A simpler and more convenient payment method is necessary to improve users’ payment experience. The payment system developed by SSE in cooperation with its Austrian customers perfectly solves this problem. The system supports a variety of payment methods such as credit cards commonly used in all European countries and Apple Pay, which greatly improves the charging operation experience. This is also conducive to further promote the construction of EV charging infrastructure in the European market.

SSE started the European market layout early, and independently developed a series of European standard charging products, which have been successfully applied in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, France, Spain, Belarus and many other countries, gaining more and more European Customer approval.

In the new year, SSE will continue to focus on the European market, accelerating the deployment of charging facilities in application scenarios such as gas stations and shopping centers in Germany, Austria, Poland and other central European regions. SSE DC fast charging products such as liquid-cooled HPC products will also gradually land in more countries to provide efficient and convenient charging services for local users' green travel.
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