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SSE accelerating Israel's charging network layout

Date :2021-08-12 Hits:36
EV Motors’ first electric vehicle store started operation on August 8 in Netanya, Israel. As its strategic partner, SSE is providing local customers with charging solutions and products. They’re working together to build a nationwide green charging network based on renewable energy, natural gas and energy storage technologies. 

Israel is a large auto market. In recent years, it has been vigorously developing electric vehicles and accelerating the construction of charging infrastructure. H. Sterling Group is an active international energy player focusing on the LNG sector and renewable energy technology,  including EV and EV charging. Early in 2019, H. Sterling and SSE reached a strategic cooperation with EV Motors, Israel’s leading auto importer. Large quantities of AC, DC charging products and portable chargers were delivered to Israel to electrify local cars, commercial vehicles and buses.

EV Motors’ marketing network will be rolled out across Israel, with sales expected to reach thousands of EVs in 2022. SSE will support the development of charging network based on new energy power, integrating solar power, natural gas and energy storage technology,  to achieve true " zero emission".

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