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SSE building a "carbon neutrality" industrial platform

Date :2021-04-14 Hits:27
Aiming at the target of zero carbon emissions, SSE is building a "carbon neutrality" industrial platform. After establishing a partnership with multiple industry leaders and large state-owned companies, SSE signed a MOU with Nokia Finland’s battery supplier to strengthen the green recycling industry chain. 

SSE’s new partner offers the world's leading power electronics and powertrain solutions, committed to 5G lighting system, virtual power plant (VPP), and low-voltage power battery technology. Its patented technology plays an important role in the LuxTurrim5G project of Nokia Bell Labs’ smart city digital ecosystem. It develops the latest 5G storage battery technology with no BMS required.

As a leader in the power and energy fields, SSE has been digging deep in the fields of distributed power generation and energy storage, EV charging, and smart micro-grid for years. With expertise in energy integration, SSE is committed to creating a collaborative ecology of smart energy and green circulation economy.

The two parties will work together in power batteries and energy storage, VPP, batteries for telecom UPS(including 5G nanostations) and construction machinery, battery recycling. Looking forward to a zero-carbon future! 
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