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SSE chargers powering Liugong's all-electric loaders

Date :2021-04-13 Hits:39

SSE high-power DC chargers have been successfully connected to the all-electric loaders 856E MAX lanuched by Liugong. The loaders powered by SSE charging solutions have been applied in Sichuan-Tibet railway tunnels and mines in Indonesia. 

As the "Pioneer of China's Construction Machinery Industry", Liugong has been actively exploring green development and lanuched the fully electric drive loader. They choose SSE as the partner for this electrification revolution. As Liugong's strategic partner, SSE's charging equipment has been used in its new energy engineering vehicles like electric forklifts since 2018. 

The chargers connected to 856E MAX are 240kW and 300kW models. The charger can offer ultra-fast charging with two guns for one loader. It only takes 1 hour to fully charge the loader with a 240kW charger and only 48 minutes with a 300kW model. The charger is designed with wheels, easy to move on site. The high protection level can deal with various severe working conditions such as plateau, high cold, high heat, etc.

SSE is working with Liugong to accelerate the electrification of construction machinery and integrating energy storage technology and other designs, like power battery recycling, V2G and 5G smart light poles, etc. contributing to the realization of the goal of carbon neutrality.
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