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SSE charges the largest ebus fleet in Northern Europe

Date :2021-01-15 Hits:44
145 Volvo Electric buses are ready to start operations in Gothenburg, Sweden. SSE delivers 65 units of 120kW DC chargers and 1 set of 1080kW smart charging container for this large ebus fleet.

SSE and TRANSDEV reached a cooperation in June, 2020 to electrify the public transport of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. TRANSDEV put the first 145 Volvo electric buses into operation. The region will have approximately 210 electric buses, making it the largest fleet of electric buses in the Nordics. And the charging solution is supplied by SSE. 

The charging facilities put into operation this time include 65 units of 120kW European standard DC chargers and one set of 1080kW charging container, with a total capacity up to 8880kW. They are located in the southwest of Gothenburg, and can meet the daily charging needs of more than 100 Volvo 18-meter electric buses. 

Charging container is one of SSE’s best seller in European market. This is the debut of its European version. It adopts advanced centralized management and intelligent power distribution. With excellent rain, snow and low temperature resistance, it can run stably in harsh environment. Each container is connected to six 4-gun split chargers and can offer fast charging for 24 buses at the same time.

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