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SSE Launches Liquid Cooled High Power Charging Solution

Date :2020-12-25 Hits:47
SSE launches its latest 350kW liquid-cooled charger. It was commissioned successfully a few days ago, charging an electric supercar under test. The charging system is equipped with a liquid-cooled CCS2 and GB/T charging terminal, and each set of terminals enables fast charging up to 500A independently.

More Efficient
Compared with slow charging, convenient and efficient high-power fast charging can better meet users’ needs. However, the traditional charging guns can hardly meet the requirements of chargers up to hundreds kilowatts, and the liquid cooled technology has become the most reliable solution. 
SSE’s 350kW high power charging system consists of a host and two charging terminals. The charging gun adopts liquid-cooled heat dissipation technology and has ultra-high charging current output capacity. The maximum output of a single gun can reach 500A, which means the charging speed is more than doubled.

More Compatible
This charging equipment is both available in CCS2 and GB/T version. With an ultra-wide voltage output range of 50 to 1000V, it has strong compatibility, suitable for cars, buses, logistics vehicles, engineering vehicles, special vehicles and other models. It can provide fast charging for electric vehicles of different voltage levels, different brands and different standards.

More Flexible
Increased charging current usually means increased conductor diameter of the charging cable. The bulky cable makes the charging operation very inconvenient, and sometimes assist equipment is required. Things get worse especially when the cable becomes hard in winter, which is difficult to bend and move. 
The configuration of the liquid-cooled charging gun makes the wire diameter of the charging cable smaller, more portable and flexible, and greatly improves the user's charging experience.

More Reliable

The temperature rise of the liquid-cooled charging gun is 20 to 30℃ lower than that of the conventional gun, and the service life of the equipment can be extended by 2 or 3 times. Also, the product adopts a separation design for water and electricity part, which can ensure the safety of charging equipment and users, and is safer and more reliable.

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