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Euro-standard EV charging project in Craiova, Romania

Date :2018-08-22 Hits:172
Location: Craiova, Romania
Products: 60kW Euro-standard DC fast charger
SSE 60kW Euro-standard DC fast charger was successfully connected to BMW i3 on November 22, 2018 in Craiova, Romania, which means SSE Euro-standard chargers officially landed in Europe.
BMW and Audi are the two main European-standard electric vehicles in Romania. The charger perfectly matched BMW i3 is SSE 60kW Euro-standard DC fast charger. It can charge BMWi3 to 80% capacity just in 20 minutes.

The owner of the factory plans to put in EV chargers based on their own electric scooter charging station resources, referring to China's charger operation mode. Apparently, SSE will become their close partner in this "EVolution".

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