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City bus charging project in Mojilev, Belarus

Date :2018-08-22 Hits:171
Location: Mojilev, Belarus
Products: 150kW DC fast charger
SSE 150 kW DC fast charger was exported to Belarus with CRRC 12-meter pure electric bus in June, 2017, to provide green power for the city bus of Mojilev.

As the first professional EV manufacturer in China that integrates complete vehicles, electrical system and parts, and has R&D, manufacturing and inspection capabilities, CRRC has been extremely strict to the supporting charging equipments. SSE has been cooperating with CRRC for a long time, because of its outstanding performance in charging efficiency, safety and reliability, manufacturing process and operation functions.

The 150 kW DC fast charger can fully charge 2 pure electric buses in 2.5 hours. All the performance and indicators perfectly meet the European market standards and requirements. Besides, the charger can solve the charging problem in the cold weather conditions of Belarus, and it can work normally even in the low temperature environment of -50 °C.

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