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BYD bus fleet charging project in Finland

Date :2021-07-29 Hits:25

Location: Turku, Espoo and Vantaa, Finland
Products: 6 sets of 1200kW CCS2 charging containers

SSE’s six sets of European version 1200kW charging containers were successfully put into operation in Finland by December, 2021. The facilities are located in Turku, Espoo and Vantaa to charge BYD fleet of 119 BYD all-electric buses(12m/15m/18m).

To accelerate the e-mobility process in Finland, the Nordic’s largest public transport operator Nobina works with SSE and Chinese leading automaker BYD on this project. 
The charging container is connected to twelve 100kW double-gun chargers, which can charge 24 buses at the same time. Any two guns from different chargers can also charge one bus simultaneously, with total power up to 200kW. This charging technology can effectively shorten the charging time and can better meet the charging needs of the bus depot’s daily operation. 

The users require the OCPP to connect with the local back-office system and running multiple rounds of repeated tests for 26 different working conditions. Under the dual pressure of the local epidemic situation and high temperature weather, the hardware and software of SSE's products successfully passed all the rigorous test. The equipment achieve unattended charging, remote maintenance, online upgrades and other functions, offering more intelligent and efficient charging experience for users. 

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